Vickie Beineke


Ordained Minister, Teacher, Speaker

Founder of VLB LifeTM

I use prayer, meditation, and intuition along with my knowledge about natural health to educate my clients about the interconnectedness of the systems in the human body. The mind-body-spirit connection is interwoven and creates the whole person.  I expand beyond the simple focus of immediate pain or a condition to find and help the body correct the root cause of the problem by bringing the systems of the body into balance.

Utilizing various modalities that include, but are not limited to, X’tract, botanicals, energy work, lifestyle coaching, pH balancing, mind-body-spirit connectedness education, and personalized genetics, allows me to help clients see the whole version of themselves.

Traveling to teach practitioners and clients innovative strategies to bring people of all ages to optimal health is my passion.

Education & Training:

B.S. Elementary Education, University of Indianapolis, 1990

M.S. Education, Nova Southeastern University, 2008

Usui Reiki First Degree Level, 2011

Usui Reiki Second Degree Level, 2012

Usui Reiki Third Degree Level, 2012

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church, 2014

Qigong Level 1 Instructor, Supreme Science Qigong Center, 2014

Certificate in Nutritional Counseling, Trinity School of Natural Health, 2016

Certified Health Specialist, Trinity School of Natural Health, 2016

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, 2017

Certified Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Natural Health, 2017

X’tract Instructor, Majestic Wellness Academy, 2018

Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, Trinity School of Natural Health, 2018

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